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CVADA Board Meeting Minutes of September 18th, 2023

General Meeting of September 18, 2023 at Wetlands Center 

In Attendance: 

Ron Laudadio, Francis Peddle, Amy Taylor, Tracy Keeping, Carolyn Aucoin, Nancy Power, April Gillam, Elissa Hinks, Dion Devoe 


Lucy Poirier, Bradley Moore, Dale Lomond, Shelley Gale, Chris Bruce, Craig Collier 


Ron called the meeting to order at 7:16. 

1. Meeting Minutes and Board Updates 

Minutes from August 28 approved. 

Motion made, seconded and carried. 

Lana Thorimbert (St. Andrew’s) has submitted her resignation from the board as she will be moving away from the area. The board wished her luck and expressed thanks to her for her dedication and commitment over the past several years. 

2. Trails Update 

The trail sub-committee provided the larger board with an update on the ongoing trail development projects. Details were discussed but because of the confidentiality requirement of the funding parties, details are not listed in the meeting minutes. The public will be aware of all the details sometime after funding is announced.

3. CVADA Building 

Discussion surrounding potential uses for the Doyles building which is currently vacant. Ron motioned striking a Facilities sub-committee with the goal of finding the best way to leverage the building for the benefit of the community. 

Motion made, seconded and carried. 

Sub-committee members are Ron, Dion and April. 

4. Community Garden 

Following a discussion surrounding the success of the community garden located behind the Credit Union building, Francis expressed an interest in expanding the community garden initiative into other communities, and motioned to establish a sub-committee to develop a community garden in South Branch. 

Motion made, seconded and carried. 

Sub-committee members are Francis, Ron and Tracy, with the intent to fill additional subcommittee positions with volunteers from the community.

5. Vibrancy Fund 

No updates on this currently as there have been no announcements made by the government. We still wish to lead the way of developing the VFC for Site 3 however we wish to wait for the gov't announcment to ensure we don't waste time.

6. Senior accessibility to events 

Amy expressed concern over the lack of social interaction experienced by some seniors in the community. She motioned to form a sub-committee that would focus on “things for seniors”, including increasing accessibility to events. 

Motion made, seconded and carried. 

Sub-committee members are Amy, Ron, and Tracy. 

7. Stewardship of Municipalities (SAM) Fall Business Meeting 

CVADA has received an invitation to the 2023 Fall Business Meeting to be held in Bay Roberts the weekend of October 20-22. SAM has supported the CVADA in the past by donating a sign for the Wetlands Centre (displayed on the highway) and also by helping train our summer students. The intent of the meeting is to allow participating organizations to share experiences, discuss potential projects and engage on conservation issues of shared concern. CVADA attendance to be determined at the next meeting. 

8. CVADA Feedback 

Following the recent poll conducted by CVADA members in their communities, the board will now prepare a comment to submit to the provincial government during the community comment period which closes on October 11, 2023. Ron and Elissa will develop a draft which they will make available to all members of the committee for editing and review. 

9. Wetlands Building 

Discussion surrounding work to be done at the Wetland Building, including repair required due to a leak around the skylight. Francis offered to drop by the building to assess the work to be done so that the board can make a decision on a maintenance plan for the repair work. 

10. Halloween Event at Wetlands Centre 

Discussion to gauge the interest in having the CVADA host a Halloween event for kids at the Wetlands Centre (idea submitted for discussion by Lucy, who was unable to attend the meeting.) The idea was met with enthusiasm by board members. 

Motion made, seconded and carried. 

Exact details such as date, time and age group/activities to be determined.

11. Silt control on highways 

Members expressed surprise over the road work being done in areas of the community, specifically the lack of silt control. Ron will talk to Scott Reid to see what current provincial guidelines are. 

12. Other Business 

Topics for future consideration: 

- Community Enhancement Fund 

- Summary of Wetlands Summer Students 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05.

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