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The Codroy Valley Area Visitor's Guide

Here is a list of geographic locations, experiences, and businesses you can visit while you are here. This area thrives with wonderful people who provide wonderful experiences for you to enjoy.

If you are a local business owner and wish to have a post here for you, please contact us at

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Men Volunteering

Joe's Cafe

Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant

This restaurant serves..... Jig's Dinner, etc. and All-Day Breakfast, the usual place for locals to get together before the day starts... etc.

E. W. Gale's Store

Convenience Store

If you want to buy a chainsaw, a violin bow, some exterior paint, and a stick of butter for your breakfast toast in one transaction, this is the place for you!


Amazing Opportunity

Immerse yourself in a program that feels like it was designed just for you! We have taken care of all the details so that you have an experience you’ll never forget. Get in touch to learn more and register.

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The Codroy Valley Area Visitor's Guide: Programs
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