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The Codroy Valley Area Development Association

An active community supporting each other.

United by the power of collective effort, we are a group of volunteers who use the CVADA to unlock our community's vast potential.

Our movement runs government-funded programs that develop and improve our area to foster a valley brimming with pride, belonging, support, services, and opportunities for all, where every resident finds joy and fulfillment in the privilege of being a resident.

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Who We Are

Our Goal is to develop the area of the Codroy Valley

About the CVADA

  • We focus on creating and running projects for Codroy Valley's growth and prosperity.

  • We are comprised of unpaid volunteers elected by the 15 communities of the Codroy Valley residents.

Primary Responsibilities

  • We find funding for projects that boost the local economy.

  • Key projects include improving the Starlite Trail and working on the Ecomuseum.

Our Goal

  • To maximize the benefits from government programs.

  • To find opportunities to support the local economy.

  • Foster community collaboration and act as a connector for volunteers to achieve growth and lasting success of the Codroy Valley, working together towards common goals.

  • To deliver on to plans and projects that positively impact the area.

CVADA's Unique Role

  • Established in 1972 as a non-profit, non-shareholding development corporation.

  • We are dedicated to development through volunteer-led initiatives.

  • We channel our efforts into practical, community-driven projects.

  • We focus on projects that contribute to the vitality and welfare of Codroy Valley.

  • We inspire our volunteers to collaborate and work together for the good of the community.

  • We are not a government body or political activist group.

  • We are not a municipality or local service district.

  • We have no political representation or standing, and are not a lobbyist group. 

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The Codroy Valley Area Development Association's Initiatives

The Trail Sub-Committee - Starlite Rehabilitation

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The Starlite Trail Rehabilitation

We are currently exploring how we can upgrade the experience of the Starlite trail for locals and visitors to the area.

We are working together with private companies and a few government agencies to improve the Starlite Hiking Trail as a regional hiking destination that is important to the Codroy Valley experience, and the region of Western Newfoundland as well.

CVADA Community Communication Sessions

Integrating the CVADA with the community

We are eager to try out an approach to connecting with the community. We see ourselves as an advocacy group for the community, and understanding the community's needs is the first step!

The Codroy Valley Ecomuseum

Discover the Codroy Valley Ecomuseum, where each step through our valley is a step back in time, connecting us with our rich heritage.

The Codroy Valley Ecomuseum, an innovative project, aims to redefine our connection to history. By 2025, we envision a valley-wide, interactive ecomuseum where technology and nature merge, narrating our past. This endeavor involves the community in preserving our stories, enhancing education about our diverse history, and fostering sustainable tourism through a deeper appreciation of our valley's natural and cultural beauty.

Join Us!

The Community Association is always stronger with more volunteers and members. Please reach out to us with your interest in getting involved. 

We have an active Facebook Group, "Codroy Valley Area Development Association,"  so we invite you to join that group to catch up on events and participate in the community conversation. 

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