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The Starlite Trail Rehabilitation

We are currently exploring how we can upgrade the experience of the Starlite trail for locals and visitors to the area.

We are working with private companies, Tourism Southwest, Atlantic Canda Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and the Department of Industry, Energy and Technology (DIET) to improve the Starlite Hiking Trail as a regional hiking destination that is important to the Codroy Valley experience and the region of Western Newfoundland.

starlite trail view.jpeg

What We Are Trying To Achieve

The Codroy Valley Area Development Association seeks professional and technical services to design/re-develop an existing trail. They wish to design and build a new trail into a natural surface trail system for walking and hiking purposes in the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland and Labrador, on the trail system commonly known as Starlite Trail.

The proposed project will upgrade the current Starlite Trail and construct a significant extension to develop a tourism-oriented trail development to attract non-resident visitors to the Southwest Coast region of Newfoundland and Labrador. The existing trail extends approximately 2.5km from the trailhead near the Trans-Canada Highway in the Codroy Valley area, ascending to the top of the Long Range Mountains to a scenic lookout area.
The proposed development will also require a route extension to circumnavigate the highlands that surround Campbell’s Lake (more or less maintaining the viewscape of Campbell’s Lake). It will then descend to Campbell’s Lake to reconnect back to the existing trail, creating a looped trail, an approximate route of 12km. An additional route to circumnavigate Campbell’s Lake itself is also proposed, an approximate route of 2.75km.

Help Us With This Project!

Apply to become a sub-committee volunteer

If you live in the Codroy Valley and wish to contribute to this initiative as a committee volunteer, please contact us at so we can start a conversation.

Starlite Trail Rehabilitation Events Calendar

Request for Proposal Published [DONE]

January 1st, 2022

RFP Submission Window Closed [DONE]

June 30th, 2022

Evaluation of Proposal [DONE]

July 1st - July 30th 2022

Vendor of Choice Identified [DONE]

August 3rd, 2022

Submission of Applications for Funding [DONE]

August 19th, 2022

Anticipated Response from Funding Agencies (Tourism Southwest, ACOA, DIET)

August, 2023

Anticipated Trail Design Start

October, 2023

Anticipated Construction Start

May, 2023


Here are the files relevant to the Starlite Trail RFP

CVADA Starlite Request For Proposal (RFP) Document

Adobe PDF

This is the main document for the Request for Proposals (RFP) for potential Candidates.

CVADA Starlite RFP Maps

Adobe PDF

This is the supplemental document for the main RFP Document that includes the maps of the trail.

Southwest Trail Assessment - Green Leaf Resources

Adobe PDF

This is a trail assessment conducted by Green Leaf Resources in 2018 that recommends what work that needs to be done to the trail to make it worthy of a good trail for hikers.

CVADA Starlite Rehabilitation Funding Application

Adobe PDF

This is the application package that was submitted to the ACOA and DIET associations for funding. Notice:
Regarding confidentiality, the vendor's intellectual properties, and the due process of the RFP response, the vendor's content has been removed from this version of the document.
The Vendor Proposal will be revealed after the funds have been released and a contract signed.
The application - which will soon become public property - did include the required materials to demonstrate the vendor's capabilities, plan and estimate breakdown.

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