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The Social & Communications Sub-Committee

Inspiring Community Engagement and Growth

Who We Are

Our Vision

Drawing inspiration from Codroy Valley's people and potential, we envision a thriving community that derives personal fulfillment from active engagement with their neighbours through the CVADA. We see a community band together and contribute to the best of their abilities, inspired by knowing their individual efforts, combined with the efforts of others, significantly improve not only their own lives but also the lives of their neighbours and shape a better future for all.

Our Purpose

The Social & Communications Committee takes proactive steps to organize and facilitate communications, social events and initiatives that are thoughtfully aligned with the overarching development goals of the CVADA. By doing so, we create valuable opportunities for residents to connect, collaborate, and freely exchange their insights with the CVADA. This active engagement, in turn, plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainable growth and the continual enhancement of our community.

We manage the diverse communication channels to ensure effective communication and community involvement. Through these channels, we diligently disseminate information, ensuring that residents are well-informed, engaged, and motivated to participate in the development process actively. 

Furthermore, our efforts extend beyond mere event coordination. We are dedicated to nurturing a sense of belonging within our community, tackling pressing challenges collectively, and providing unwavering support to projects that enrich our neighbourhood. This all-encompassing approach is underpinned by our commitment to promoting inclusivity and fostering unity among our residents.

Our General Responsibilities

Organizing and Facilitating Events

Orchestrating various events and initiatives, such as the Quarterly Community Collaboration Sessions and social gatherings at the Wetlands, where residents can connect, collaborate, and freely exchange insights to support development activities.

Effective Communication Management

Manage our diverse communication channels to facilitate community engagement to keep residents well-informed, engaged, and motivated to participate in the development process actively.

Community Engagement

Foster a sense of belonging within the community, encouraging active involvement and participation in collective efforts to address challenges and drive positive change.

Join Us!

The Community Association is always stronger with more volunteers and members. Please reach out to us with your interest in getting involved by sending us an email. 

We have an active Facebook Group, "Codroy Valley Area Development Association,"  so we invite you to join that group to catch up on events and participate in the community conversation. 

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Image by Scott Webb

The Sub-Committee Members

We are your neighbours and friends in the community who want to contribute our time and energy to helping the community.


Ron Laudadio

Board Chair (Millville)
Social & Communications Sub-Committee

Trail Sub-Committee Chair

Born and raised in Ontario, I am a proud father of two and deeply love the Codroy Valley. After spending 13 beautiful summer vacations here, I am drawn to its natural beauty and warm community. Now that my sons have begun their lives of independence, I moved to Newfoundland & Labrador and have called the Millville area my final home since June 2021. In a spirit of gratitude, I dedicate my skills and time to volunteer work - such as the CVADA, contributing to the community that has warmly welcomed me.

My career journey has taken me from being a Chief Technology Officer at IBM to launching the beloved children's product Webkinz with Ganz. Today, as the Director of North America and Part-Owner of EPiC Agile, a global consulting firm, I lead a wonderful organization of people who specialize in Business Agility Transformation; we aim to empower leaders so they create thriving organizations and champion the proven impact of positive work environments on extraordinary business success.

I look forward to connecting with you and contributing to our community.

Tracy Keeping

Board Vice-Chair (St. Andrews)

Trail Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

I was born and raised in Newfoundland and married for almost 32 years, and Mother of two girls and Gemma to a nine-month-old Grandson. We lived in Nova Scotia as a military family for nearly 20 years and moved to Codroy Valley in 2010. I loved the province of Nova Scotia and still do, but I wanted our children to grow up with family and experience Newfoundland as we did as children. I am the Branch Manager at Atlantic Edge Credit Union in Doyles. I have been in Management in Sales and Finance for almost 30 years, and I always enjoy making a difference in the lives of people in our community. My love of helping others and living our best life in rural Newfoundland is why I volunteer as much time as possible when I’m not working or spending time with family. Outside of work and volunteering, our time with family and friends is spent in the great outdoors!!


Elissa Hinks

Board Member (Upper Ferry)

Social & Communications Sub-Committee

Elissa is from Jeffreys and calls Upper Ferry home with her family. Elissa serves as a new board

member of the ADA and represents Upper Ferry.


Prior to moving to the Valley 4 years ago Elissa was a paramedic; she moved into the Valley

because she wanted to raise her family in this beautiful landscape, where she is at home. Her

focus is now on this: her family, her home, and the community.

Ann Brownrigg

Social & Communications Sub-Committee

I was born and raised just outside of Toronto.  My first time visiting Codroy Valley was when my husband Peter brought me here on our honeymoon to meet his family and show me where he grew up.   After many subsequent visits over the following years, our two children accompanying us when they were young, I had come to know and love the valley.  

I have always been very fortunate to be able to combine my extensive background of teaching education and experience with my passion for Arts and creativity by working in my home studio, whether it be by painting, woodcarving, leather craft woodburning, needlework, or photography to name a few.  
When we moved here last year, it felt like coming home!  I look forward to sharing what I have to offer to the community. 

ann brownrigg_upscale.jpeg

Pete Browrigg

Social & Communications Sub-Committee

I was born in Cornerbrook, and my family moved to the Codroy Valley when I was 11.  When I finished college, I left the valley for work.  

My passion has always been music.  I also enjoy being creative and making things, whether by doing blacksmithing, woodworking, leatherwork and much more.

Lucy Porier

Board Member (Upper Ferry)

Social Sub-Committee Member

Born and raised in the Codroy Valley, I moved to Northern BC after graduating from Belanger Memorial High.  Health Care became my chosen profession, but I eventually opened an Espresso Café in the small northern town of Fort Nelson, BC, and raised two daughters. 


After 30 years on the Alaska Highway, I relocated to Calgary, AB, returned to Health Care at the Foothills Medical Centre and enjoyed volunteer opportunities in my community.  In 2019, I retired from Health Care and returned to the Codroy Valley to enjoy family, friends, gardening, photography, beautiful scenery and music. 


Most recently, my involvement with The Codroy Valley Area Development Association has allowed me to offer meaningful, consistent support in the culture and life of the Codroy Valley.

I look forward to engaging in plans for the area and chatting with the residents.

Rent the Wetlands Interpretation Centre for Your Special Occasions!

Rental Information:

For your Booking:

  1. Contact Ann Brownrigg at to check for availability and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  2. There are two ways you can get a copy of the application form:

    1. Download the rental form, (down below), or,

    2. Pick up a copy of the form from the Doyles Credit Union

  3. Fill it out

  4. Email your completed form to, and,

  5. Make your payment. 

  6. We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours

Rates: Enjoy the affordable rate of $20 per hour (with a minimum of 2-hour booking and a maximum 12-hour booking)
Deposit: A refundable cleaning deposit of $50 is required to ensure the venue remains immaculate for the next occasion.

Venue Highlights:

  • Spacious primary and secondary rooms are perfect for mingling.

  • Host an event for up to 30 people.

  • A kitchenette for your catering needs.

  • Clean and well-maintained bathroom facilities.

  • A decking area with a beautiful view for outdoor enjoyment.

Allowed Activities:

  • Family Celebrations: This includes events such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and reunions where community members gather to mark special occasions in a personal and meaningful way.

  • Constructive Social Clubs: Activities that foster a sense of community and personal development, such as gardening clubs, music practice and appreciation groups, chess clubs, and board game nights. These activities should be constructive in nature and contribute positively to the community's social fabric.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the CVADA to clarify before booking and reserving the time.

Excluded Activities

  • Politically Motivated Meetings: To preserve the venue's neutrality and prevent political disputes, gatherings that support or oppose political decisions or actions are not allowed.

  • Use of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs: Events involving the serving or consumption of alcohol are prohibited. Additionally, the use of illicit drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines, and the distribution of prescription drugs is strictly forbidden on the premises.

  • Non-Compliance with Safety Regulations: Activities must comply with all fire codes and safety regulations. Any events or behaviours that violate these codes, such as overcrowding, blocking emergency exits, or using hazardous materials, are not permitted.

  • Illegal Activities: Any activity deemed unlawful under provincial law is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to theft, vandalism, gambling, and the distribution of pirated or counterfeit goods.

  • Financially Dependent Meetings and Financial Transactions: Meetings, gatherings, or events that involve any exchange of funds, fees, or other forms of financial transaction are not permitted under this social contract. Such activities should be conducted under a separate commercial agreement. We do this for our insurance compliance; please refrain from attempting to circumvent this stipulation.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refunds are available for cancellations made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled rental, providing peace of mind in unpredictable times.

Reserve your spot today and create cherished memories amidst nature’s splendour!

For details and to reserve your event reservation, download the Codroy Valley Area Development Association (CVADA) Building Rental Agreement (Social Events) Document. 


Check our Calendar for availability
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