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The Trails

Elevating Every Step of the Codroy Valley's Premier Trail Experience.

Who We Are

Our Vision

We aspire to elevate the quality of our trails to such a memorable experience that our trails are the first thing mentioned in everyone's description of the beauty of the Codroy Valley. As stewards of this natural heritage, we envision a trail system that showcases the breathtaking beauty of our region, making it a sought-after destination for tourists and a cherished retreat for locals and our guests.

Our Purpose

The Trails Sub-Committee is committed to curating a trail experience that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the world. We are dedicated to ensuring our trails' preservation, enhancement, and promotion. We realize the importance of these trails' importance as pathways in nature and as conduits for community engagement, environmental education, and shared responsibility.

By collaborating with local governments, vendors, and the community, we ensure our trails remain accessible, safe, and captivating. We take pride in organizing community-centric events, be it interpretative walks, community hiking ventures, or trail maintenance days, to keep the spirit of community involvement alive and thriving.

Our General Responsibilities


Trail Maintenance and Upgrades:

Overseeing the upkeep of the trails through coordinated efforts of volunteers and professional vendors. Collaborating with the government and other stakeholders to secure funds for minor enhancements and significant upgrades to the trail system.


Community Events and Engagement:

Organizing and promoting community events like hiking expeditions, interpretative walks, and trail maintenance days to foster a sense of collective ownership and pride.  Collaborating with local experts to provide educational experiences on our trails, ensuring users can appreciate the beauty and the significance of the environment they are exploring.


Advocacy and Promotion:

Advocating for the significance of our trails at local, regional, and national platforms, ensuring their preservation and enhancement are always on the agenda. Promoting the trails as a premier destination, drawing attention to their beauty, significance, and the world-class experience they offer.

Join Us!

The Community Association is always stronger with more volunteers and members. Please reach out to us with your interest in getting involved by sending us an email. 

We have an active Facebook Group, "Codroy Valley Area Development Association,"  so we invite you to join that group to catch up on events and participate in the community conversation. 

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Image by Scott Webb

The Sub-Committee Members

We are your neighbours and friends in the community who want to contribute our time and energy to helping the community.


Ron Laudadio

Board Chair (Millville)
Social & Communications Sub-Committee

Trail Sub-Committee Chair

Born and raised in Ontario, I am a proud father of two and deeply love the Codroy Valley. After spending 13 beautiful summer vacations here, I am drawn to its natural beauty and warm community. Now that my sons have begun their lives of independence, I moved to Newfoundland & Labrador and have called the Millville area my final home since June 2021. In a spirit of gratitude, I dedicate my skills and time to volunteer work - such as the CVADA, contributing to the community that has warmly welcomed me.

My career journey has taken me from being a Chief Technology Officer at IBM to launching the beloved children's product Webkinz with Ganz. Today, as the Director of North America and Part-Owner of EPiC Agile, a global consulting firm, I lead a wonderful organization of people who specialize in Business Agility Transformation; we aim to empower leaders so they create thriving organizations and champion the proven impact of positive work environments on extraordinary business success.

I look forward to connecting with you and contributing to our community.

Tracy Keeping

Board Vice-Chair (St. Andrews)

Trail Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

Social & Communications Sub-Committee

I was born and raised in Newfoundland and married for almost 32 years, and Mother of two girls and Gemma to a nine-month-old Grandson. We lived in Nova Scotia as a military family for nearly 20 years and moved to Codroy Valley in 2010. I loved the province of Nova Scotia and still do, but I wanted our children to grow up with family and experience Newfoundland as we did as children. I am the Branch Manager at Atlantic Edge Credit Union in Doyles. I have been in Management in Sales and Finance for almost 30 years, and I always enjoy making a difference in the lives of people in our community. My love of helping others and living our best life in rural Newfoundland is why I volunteer as much time as possible when I’m not working or spending time with family. Outside of work and volunteering, our time with family and friends is spent in the great outdoors!!


Carla Sheedy

Trails Sub-Committee Member

Carla Sheedy, an Ontario native and lover of music and books, now calls the Codroy Valley of Newfoundland & Labrador her home. With her husband, a retired RCMP officer, and their two teenagers, Carla embodies a blend of familial warmth and professional dedication.

As a skilled virtual administrator, Carla assists entrepreneurs in managing administrative tasks, employing her expertise in office management and online platforms to optimize their business processes. Her work is marked by creativity, trustworthiness, and a knack for collaboration.

Apart from her professional role, Carla passionately engages with her community. She manages a B&B during the summer months, hosts guests from various corners of the globe, and actively participates in local events. Her contributions to the Codroy Valley Folk Festival and the Come Home Year celebrations showcase her commitment to her community.

Carla's journey from Muskoka, Ontario, to the vibrant Codroy Valley is a testament to her love for the east coast, shaped by her family's roots. In Carla, you find a harmonious blend of a dedicated professional, an avid community member, and a person deeply connected to her heritage and family.

Sherry Scott

Trails Sub-Committee Member

Born and raised in Port aux Basques, Sherry Scott cherishes her roots and the summers spent in the Codroy Valley, where her family owned cabins. This deep connection to the area inspired her and her husband to build their home in Upper Ferry in 2020, overlooking the picturesque Codroy River. A proud mother of two sons and a stepdaughter, Sherry's life is a beautiful blend of family values and a love for her community.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Sherry has served as a Chief Storekeeper on the Marine Atlantic ferries, demonstrating her dedication and skill in a challenging maritime environment. Her work reflects her commitment to her profession and the vital maritime sector of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Sherry is passionate about the outdoors. She finds joy in hiking, walking, running, and kayaking, embracing the natural splendor of the valley. Her active lifestyle is complemented by a strong sense of community belonging, a hallmark of life in the Codroy Valley.

Sherry Scott's journey is marked by professional excellence, a profound connection to her birthplace, and an unwavering commitment to family and community life.

Sherry Scott Portrait Revised.jpeg
MikeScott Revised.jpeg

Mike Scott

Trail Sub-Committee Member

His life's journey had taken him through various scenic locales, including St. John's, PEI, Amherst, NS, and Fall River, NS, before settling in Port Aux Basques in 2008. In 2020, after years of being captivated by the Codroy Valley's allure, Mike and his wife realized their dream of building a home in Upper Ferry, blessed with breathtaking views of the grand Codroy River.
Mike's life philosophy focuses on trying to live a more sustainable life. He actively engages in this pursuit by maintaining a greenhouse, cultivating vegetables, raising chickens, and practicing composting. This lifestyle reflects his deep respect for the environment and his commitment to a sustainable future.

In his leisure time, Mike revels in the joys of the great outdoors, often found hiking, walking, or kayaking, immersing himself in nature's tranquillity. His professional life is equally commendable, with a remarkable career at Marine Atlantic spanning 30 years, where he currently serves as a second engineer.

Mike's story is one of profound connection to his roots, a commitment to sustainable living, and a dedication to his family and career. His life embodies the essence of community spirit and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Renee Downey

Trail Sub-Committee Member

I just moved back to the Valley in the summer of 2023 after my family moved to Fort McMurray when I was a girl. My husband & I moved back here to spend time with family, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, peacefulness, quiet & being closer to nature. Since leaving, I have lived in Alberta & Nova Scotia, but nothing beats living at home. I am passionate about animals, music, nature & helping others. 

I have worked successfully across different industries in my professional life. I've been in the automotive industry in various capacities for the last decade & most recently enjoyed working in the car auction business managing commercial accounts. I would love to start a new business in the Codroy Valley in the future. 

I look forward to getting refamiliarised with the people of the Valley through volunteer work & any contributions I can make to support and help our community flourish.

Renee Downey.jpeg
Josh Murray.jpg

Josh Murray

Trail Sub-Committee Member

Josh Murray, a paramedic who moved from Yellowknife to the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland, brings a unique blend of skills to the community. As part of the Cedar & Sage Bakery, Josh combines their passion for healthcare with their devotion to the community and local business.


They're excited about contributing to the Starlite Trail project, focusing on safety, search operations, and design for optimal emergency extraction. Their expertise ensures the trail is a beautiful addition to the Codroy Valley and a safe one.


Josh's journey from Yellowknife to Newfoundland showcases their love for the safety of small communities and local development, making them a valued member of the Codroy Valley community.

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