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Codroy Valley from Hwy 406 looking at the table mountains.

The Codroy Valley Area Development Association

An active community supporting each other.

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Who We Are

A community in association.

The Codroy Valley Area Development Association is an exciting and unique community association with the ambition of representing the interests of the Codroy Valley Community inhabitants and their businesses. We hold an active membership of those who live in the area and are led by an elected board.

Our Aim and Objective

The CVADA’s aims and objectives are to serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas to identify local needs and involve local people in the planning, implementation and management of programs for the development of the region. 

We aim to promote local leadership development and to be a local agency where individuals and groups can bring their issues for discussion and resolution. We are the entity that helps us in Codroy Valley to mobilize the resources of the local people to solve problems independently. 

As a group, together, we can work to obtain, acquire and seek any property, grants, rights, powers or assistance that may be helpful toward attaining the general objectives of the association.

Join Us!

The Community Association is always stronger with more volunteers and members. Please reach out to us with your interest in getting involved. 

We have an active Facebook Group, "Codroy Valley Area Development Association,"  so we invite you to join that group to catch up on events and participate in the community conversation. 

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Image by Scott Webb

Your CVADA Board

We are your neighbours and friends in the community who want to contribute our time and energy to helping the community.


Ron Laudadio

Board Chair (Millville)
Social Sub-Committee

Trail Sub-Committee Chair

Born and raised in Ontario, I am a proud father of two and deeply love the Codroy Valley. After spending 13 beautiful summer vacations here, I am drawn to its natural beauty and warm community. Now that my sons have begun their lives of independence, I moved to Newfoundland & Labrador and have called the Millville area my final home since June 2021. In a spirit of gratitude, I dedicate my skills and time to volunteer work - such as the CVADA, contributing to the community that has warmly welcomed me.

My career journey has taken me from being a Chief Technology Officer at IBM to launching the beloved children's product Webkinz with Ganz. Today, as the Director of North America and Part-Owner of EPiC Agile, a global consulting firm, I lead a wonderful organization of people who specialize in Business Agility Transformation; we aim to empower leaders so they create thriving organizations and champion the proven impact of positive work environments on extraordinary business success.

I look forward to connecting with you and contributing to our community.

Tracy Keeping

Board Vice-Chair (St. Andrews)

Trail Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

I was born and raised in Newfoundland and married for almost 32 years, and Mother of two girls and Gemma to a nine-month-old Grandson. We lived in Nova Scotia as a military family for nearly 20 years and moved to Codroy Valley in 2010. I loved the province of Nova Scotia and still do, but I wanted our children to grow up with family and experience Newfoundland as we did as children. I am the Branch Manager at Atlantic Edge Credit Union in Doyles. I have been in Management in Sales and Finance for almost 30 years, and I always enjoy making a difference in the lives of people in our community. My love of helping others and living our best life in rural Newfoundland is why I volunteer as much time as possible when I’m not working or spending time with family. Outside of work and volunteering, our time with family and friends is spent in the great outdoors!!


Nancy Power

Board Member (Tompkins)

Board Secretary

Born and raised in Tompkins, Codroy Valley, I spent my university years at Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in languages, followed by a degree in Education from Memorial University. After living and working in different places, including a year in Japan teaching ESL, my husband and I made our home in the Codroy Valley, where we are raising our two children and a new puppy. We spend much of our time enjoying the many outdoor and cultural activities our community and province offer. We also enjoy a good board game night! Having worked for a time as a French Immersion teacher, I am currently working as an advisor with the federal public service. I have been a CVADA member since 2018.

Dale Lomond

Board Member (Upper Ferry)

Board Treasurer

We are fortunate to have a mother, wife and community leader like Dale Lomond on our board. She has been an active part of her community for decades, where she was born and raised. For a long time, Dale ran Joe's Cafe, which became well known among residents of all ages during her proprietorship there. Her warm hospitality will always bring joy as she is a tireless volunteer who unwaveringly supports others through countless activities without seeming to get tired herself. 


Dale is a long-time board member, and we are happy to have her as our treasurer.


Craig Collier

Board Member (Codroy)

Bio soon to come.

Bradley Moore

Board Member (Codroy)

Bradley Moore was born and raised in Codroy; he serves as a new board member of the ADA

and represents Codroy, Cape Anguille, and Woodville.


Bradley is a small business owner and, with his family, owns and operates JVC Family Farm in



Dion Devoe

Board Member (Great Codroy)

Dion Devoe is from Upper Ferry and calls Great Codroy home, he represents Great Codroy on the ADA.

Together with his family, he owns and operates Codroy Valley Cottage Country, and is an instructor at the College of the North Atlantic in Port aux Basques. Dion serves on the Codroy

Valley Folk Fest committee and is a talented musician with an passion for, and commitment to local tunes and musicians.

Lucy Poirier

Board Member (Great Codroy)

Born and raised in the Codroy Valley, I moved to Northern BC after graduating from Belanger Memorial High.  Health Care became my chosen profession, but I eventually opened an Espresso Café in the small northern town of Fort Nelson, BC, and raised two daughters. 


After 30 years on the Alaska Highway, I relocated to Calgary, AB, returned to Health Care at the Foothills Medical Centre and enjoyed volunteer opportunities in my community.  In 2019, I retired from Health Care and returned to the Codroy Valley to enjoy family, friends, gardening, photography, beautiful scenery and music. 


Most recently, my involvement with The Codroy Valley Area Development Association has allowed me to offer meaningful, consistent support in the culture and life of the Codroy Valley.

I look forward to engaging in plans for the area and chatting with the residents.


Shelley Gale

Board Member (Millville)

Shelley Gale is from South Branch and makes her home in Millville with her family. Shelley is a

new board member and represents Millville.


Shelley is a small business owner who together with her partner, runs her family business,

Gales Septic. Shelley is a member of the Stephenville Board of Trade, a beekeeper, and

involved community member.


April Gillam

Board Member (O’Regan’s)

Bio soon to come.


Amy Taylor

Board Member (Searston)

Amy Taylor came to Codroy Valley from Isle aux Morts in 2008. She serves as the board representative for Searston.


Amy Taylor came to Codroy Valley from Isle aux Morts in 2008. She serves as the board

representative for Searston.

Amy is a Community Health Nurse and supports Codroy Valley and area in this position; she is

an avid outdoors-person and spends much time out there in every way she can — hiking,


walking, skidooing or kayaking. Amy is more-than-happy to call the Valley home, to raise her

children here, and to contribute to the community with the ADA.

Chris Bruce

Board Member (Searston)

Trail Sub-Committee Member

Hi! I'm Chris Bruce, and I appear to be the Chair of the CVADA. That's a new and surprising thing that I'm really happy to be a part of.

I'm new-ish to the valley, and half a townie, so please don't hold that against me. I'm just lucky enough to have a lot of loving and supportive family here, so I've made a choice to call the valley home. I spent summers here growing up and went back and forth over the last five years.

But now I've picked my side of the island, and it's the one with the sun.

I'm a comedian, a writer, a very tiny farmer, sort of a loud mouth... but really trying to use my powers for good! I used to run cafes in St. John's (a wildly untranslatable skill), so I'm a chipper morning person. I enjoy long walks on the beach to haul kelp, and I raised my two cats like dogs, so they are very good boys.

I look forward to working with all of our community in the coming year to address the big opportunities and challenges we all share. Losing the roads last fall helped show how easy we can be to get cut off, but also how quickly we can all come together. I am truly grateful to call this place home.

I thank you deeply for your temporary show of confidence and promise not to let you down too much.


Francis Peddle

Board Member (South Branch)

Bio soon to come


Carolyn AuCoin

Board Member (Tompkins)

I grew up at the Cape Anguille Lighthouse Station and, in later childhood, moved to the community of Codroy. My parents were Henry & Ruth Reid (Kendell). My father was a lighthouse keeper, and some of my greatest childhood memories surround my days living at the lighthouse station.


After graduating from Belanger Memorial High School, I attended the Memorial University of NL, where I completed a Bachelor of Education degree & a Master of Education degree. I began my teaching career in 1993 in the southwest coast community of LaPoile. Following my two years in LaPoile, I taught in Port aux Basques, Flat Bay and the Codroy Valley. I am presently a reading specialist/ teacher librarian & Grade 6 Math teacher at Belanger Memorial School. I am married to Darrin Aucoin, and we have a daughter & a son, Rebecca & Brady.


We live in the community of Tompkins with the beauty of the Long Range Mountains and the Little Codroy River in our backyard. I have been a member of the CVADA since 2018, and I am also a member of the Codroy Valley Folk Festival Committee. My greatest loves- are my family, my friends, my career and the beautiful place I call home- the Codroy Valley.


Elissa Hinks

Board Member (Upper Ferry)

Social Sub-Committee Member

Elissa is from Jeffreys and calls Upper Ferry home with her family. Elissa serves as a new board

member of the ADA and represents Upper Ferry.


Prior to moving to the Valley 4 years ago Elissa was a paramedic; she moved into the Valley

because she wanted to raise her family in this beautiful landscape, where she is at home. Her

focus is now on this: her family, her home, and the community.


Ash Hall

Trail Sub-Committee Member

Ash Hall grew up in the middle of Canada and decided to marry and live with his partner here in the Codroy Valley Area. He is an owner, farmer, and lead hand at Tuckaway Farm, 


Apiary & Apothecary - a regenerative farm, apiary and apothecary in the Codroy Valley. Ash is a volunteer fireman for the Codroy Valley Volunteer Fire Department and an active community member. Daily, he is sure to be found nurturing and caring for plants, chickens, geese, ducks, and bees and constantly chopping wood - always chopping wood!

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