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The Seniors

Championing Senior Wellbeing for the Seniors of The Codroy Valley

Who We Are

Our Vision

We envision a community where the elderly residents of Codroy Valley find themselves enveloped in care, companionship, and convenience. In this community, seniors' unique challenges—such as isolation, limited mobility, and access to essential services—are addressed innovatively and efficiently. We aspire to create an environment where seniors, a cornerstone of our heritage and history, feel valued, engaged, and integral to the very fabric of the Codroy Valley.

Our Purpose

We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the quality of life for our elderly residents, recognizing the indispensable role they play in our community's tapestry. Our focus is to complement what services are already available to improve their well-being, from their nutritional needs to their mental health. We understand that their challenges are multifaceted—spanning from access to essential services to the desire for meaningful social interactions.

We aspire to actively collaborate with community partners, local businesses, and volunteers to address seniors' issues. Whether ensuring timely transportation, providing well-balanced meals, or creating spaces for shared experiences and learning, our actions are rooted in empathy, respect, and innovation.

Our General Responsibilities


Transportation and Accessibility:

Explore developing a community transportation solution, such as a shuttle service, to assist seniors with their errands and social appointments. Explore partnering with community members and using provisions like JCP to ensure safe and timely transportation without directly competing with existing services.


Nutritional Support and Health:

Explore initiating a "Meals on Wheels" program, collaborating with local chefs and farmers to deliver nutritious meals directly to seniors' homes. Exploring collaboration opportunities with local businesses for home delivery services, including groceries and medications.


Social Engagement and Well-being:

Host senior workshops to promote art, heritage sharing, and skill exchanges, fostering a sense of purpose and communal pride. Explore establishing a Home Visit Buddy Program to address isolation, pairing seniors with community volunteers for companionship and assistance. Explore publishing and distributing a quarterly pamphlet to inform seniors of local events and services, recognizing that many may not have access to digital platforms.

Join Us!

The Community Association is always stronger with more volunteers and members. Please reach out to us with your interest in getting involved by sending us an email. 

We have an active Facebook Group, "Codroy Valley Area Development Association,"  so we invite you to join that group to catch up on events and participate in the community conversation. 

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Image by Scott Webb

The Sub-Committee Members

We are your neighbours and friends in the community who want to contribute our time and energy to helping the community.


Amy Taylor

Board Member (Searston)

Seniors Sub-Committee Chair

Amy Taylor came to Codroy Valley from Isle aux Morts in 2008. She serves as the board representative for Searston.


Amy Taylor came to Codroy Valley from Isle aux Morts in 2008. She serves as the board representative for Searston.

Amy is a Community Health Nurse and supports Codroy Valley and area in this position; she is an avid outdoors-person and spends much time out there in every way she can — hiking,


walking, skidooing or kayaking. Amy is more-than-happy to call the Valley home, to raise her children here, and to contribute to the community with the ADA.

Carolyn AuCoin

Board Member (Tompkins)

Senior Committee Vice-Chair

I grew up at the Cape Anguille Lighthouse Station and, in later childhood, moved to the community of Codroy. My parents were Henry & Ruth Reid (Kendell). My father was a lighthouse keeper, and some of my greatest childhood memories surround my days living at the lighthouse station.


After graduating from Belanger Memorial High School, I attended the Memorial University of NL, where I completed a Bachelor of Education degree & a Master of Education degree. I began my teaching career in 1993 in the southwest coast community of LaPoile. Following my two years in LaPoile, I taught in Port aux Basques, Flat Bay and the Codroy Valley. I am presently a reading specialist/ teacher librarian & Grade 6 Math teacher at Belanger Memorial School. I am married to Darrin Aucoin, and we have a daughter & a son, Rebecca & Brady.


We live in the community of Tompkins with the beauty of the Long Range Mountains and the Little Codroy River in our backyard. I have been a member of the CVADA since 2018, and I am also a member of the Codroy Valley Folk Festival Committee. My greatest loves- are my family, my friends, my career and the beautiful place I call home- the Codroy Valley.


Tracy Keeping

Board Vice-Chair (St. Andrews)

Trails Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

Social & Communications Sub -Committee Vice-Chair

Seniors Sub-Committee

I was born and raised in Newfoundland and married for almost 32 years, and Mother of two girls and Gemma to a nine-month-old Grandson. We lived in Nova Scotia as a military family for nearly 20 years and moved to Codroy Valley in 2010. I loved the province of Nova Scotia and still do, but I wanted our children to grow up with family and experience Newfoundland as we did as children.


I am the Branch Manager at Atlantic Edge Credit Union in Doyles. I have been in Management in Sales and Finance for almost 30 years, and I always enjoy making a difference in the lives of people in our community. My love of helping others and living our best life in rural Newfoundland is why I volunteer as much time as possible when I’m not working or spending time with family. Outside of work and volunteering, our time with family and friends is spent in the great outdoors!!

Ron Laudadio

Board Chair (Millville)
Social & Communications Sub-Committee Chair

Trail Sub-Committee Chair

Senior Sub-Committee

Born and raised in Ontario, I am a proud father of two and deeply love the Codroy Valley. After spending 13 beautiful summer vacations here, I am drawn to its natural beauty and warm community. Now that my sons have begun their lives of independence, I moved to Newfoundland & Labrador and have called the Millville area my final home since June 2021. In a spirit of gratitude, I dedicate my skills and time to volunteer work - such as the CVADA, contributing to the community that has warmly welcomed me.

My career journey has taken me from being a Chief Technology Officer at IBM to launching the beloved children's product Webkinz with Ganz. Today, as the Director of North America and Part-Owner of EPiC Agile, a global consulting firm, I lead a wonderful organization of people who specialize in Business Agility Transformation; we aim to empower leaders so they create thriving organizations and champion the proven impact of positive work environments on extraordinary business success.

I look forward to connecting with you and contributing to our community.

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