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CVADA Board Meeting Minutes October 16th, 6-7:30 pm


Chris Bruce

Carolyn Aucoin

Lucy Poirier

Lana Thorimbert

Ron Laudadio

Melissa Samms

Dale Lomond

Regrets: Travis Cormier, Tracy Keeping, Nancy Power

Minutes by Ron Laudadio on behalf of Tracy


Picnic Tables for the Trails

Trail Upgrades

Starlite Update

Community Collaboration Session Actions

Financial Update

Chris brought the meeting to order at 6:12 pm.

Picnic Table for the Trails

•The board will vote on a design for the picnic tables, which will be constructed and donated by a local vendor.

• The board will consider covering the cost of plaques for each bench, which will be placed at different trailheads around town.

• We are considering placing six tables - one at the Wetlands Centre, three at Coastangs (St. Andrew’s trailhead, Searston Trail Head, and the Northwest Coast), and two at Starlite Trail.

• Chris will identify a vendor to provide the tables, as Travis seems quite busy at this time

• Once we know the vendor and price, we can contact those who reached out over Facebook.

Trail Upgrade Funds

•The organization has $7,500 set aside to restore the local trails.

• We would like to use the money for upgrading the Coastangs Trail and a bit of this money for work on the Wetlands Trail.

• Approval is needed to spend the money from the $7,500 on this project. Ash Hall’s quote for the Coastangs upgrade is $4850 plus tax.

Motion to allocate $7,500 budget funds for use by the Trails Sub-Committee for the rehabilitation of the Coastangs and Wetlands Trails.


Update on Starlite

• Still waiting for government approval for the release of funds as requested.

• We asked the Vendor to start design this November; their quote is $23,000. We have already asked the gov’t for funds in advance to cover this. We will see what their response is.

Community Collaboration Session

• We had more turnout than expected, with 27 people.

• The community told us there are three top things to work on: Tourism Development, Food Sustainability & Accessibility, and Youth Events and Activities.

• We are very happy that the community has given us direction.

• To take action, we will form a sub-committee for each of the three directions, made up of one or two board members and four or five community members, to get the work done more efficiently.

• We will need to coordinate the activities between the Tourism Development and the Trails sub-committee, so we don’t cross mandates.

• The board discussed ideas of what the sub-committees could tackle.

Motion to strike three sub-committees chaired by Ron Laudadio for the Tourism Development Sub-Committee, Food Sustainability & Accessibility Sub-Committee, and the Youth Activities & Events Sub-Committee.


• The intention is to have a sub-committee of at least four people who can help with ideas and help take action.

• Melissa and Lana from the board wish to join the Food Sustainability & Accessibility sub-committee

• The intention is to consult those in and outside our community who can offer us help through guidance from experience.

• We will invite those from the community to join the sub-committees by Facebook and a hand-out.

• For the youth activities and events, we will consult the school and student council.

• We intend to run another Community Collaboration Session as we did in mid-December. Most likely December 12th.

• As per the Board Rules, Chris will be a part of all the sub-committees.

• The board is responsible for evaluating ideas and concerns brought to them by the community - not every idea can be acted on, but they are all heard.

• Prioritizing is key to effectively managing the number of ideas and concerns brought before the board.

Financial Update

• We will schedule a meeting with Dale to review the organization's financial status. Possibly, next week on the 18th at 6;30.

The next CVADA Board Meeting is November 14th.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:48 pm

Addendum November 14th:

We recognize the funds of $7,500 were granted to the CVADA by Tourism Southwest a few years ago and that there were hopes to spend it with JCP funding to augment the use of the funds and will post the quote received for the Coastings Trail.

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