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CVADA Committee Meeting Minutes – May 16th, 5:30pm

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

CVADA Committee Meeting – May 16th, 5:30 – 8:30pm Wetlands Centre

Meeting Minutes


Dale Lomond

Nancy Power

Carolyn AuCoin

Ash Hall

Christopher Bruce

Tracy Keeping

Ron Laudadio

  1. Discussion about the AGM

  • We discussed that the AGM must be in May.

  • Ron is to invite Peggy White, Brian Osmond and Scott Reid.

  • There was a discussion about provisioning coffee, tea and food for the AGM - Nancy to see to it.

  • Because World Energy GH2 is hosting an open conversation event at St. Ann's Wednesday, May 17th, and we are hosting a collaborative community session about the Wind Turbine projects on June 13th, the community will have ample opportunity to gain awareness. So, we won't be discussing the Wind Turbines at the AGM.

  • We won't be reading aloud Meeting Minutes from the last AGM; we will have them printed for attendee consultation, and we will ask attendees if they oppose a motion to accept.

  • Dale will work with Chris to prepare the financial statements and presentation.

2. Setting a date for the AGM

  • We set a date for the AGM for May 30.

  • An agenda was drafted for the May 30 meeting.

  • Dale reserved the location of St. Ann's.

  • Ash will create a poster to post around the area; Tracy will make copies.

  • Ron will update the website and add the item to our FaceBook.

3. Discussion about representation and the Community Vibrancy Fund

  • Peggy White hosted a Vibrancy Fund meeting in Maidstone last week.

  • The meeting was intended to begin the conversation amongst the community as we are expected to self-organize in preparation for receiving and disbursing funds for the WE GH2 Vibrancy Fund.

  • Ron and Travis attended, not with interest to sit on the committee, but to ensure the Codroy Valley Area was represented, a part of the conversation, and stayed caught up.

  • Ron offered a review of the meeting.

  • There is yet to be more substance with a committee forming in this area for the Vibrancy Fund. There is yet to be a structure established and a corporation created, and the board is still trying to figure out how to have appropriate community representation in the committee.

4. Discussion about the committee's position on the Wind Turbine projects

  • The committee agreed to remain neutral and listen to the community's opinions.

  • There was a discussion about educating the community about hydrogen and what green hydrogen is.

  • The committee is not for or against wind turbines; simply interested in supporting the community with information, opportunities to share conversations, and then act on what the community asks of us.

5. CVADA Community Collaborative Session about the Wind Turbine Projects

  • We will host a session for the community to get together and discuss the Wind Turbine projects.

  • Ron will facilitate a session that allows us to learn more about what the community desires.

  • The intention is to allow the community to learn more from each other.

  • We will host this session on June 13th 6:30 pm at St. Ann's

6. Discussion about having comprehensive documentation of our constitution and by-laws

  • We discussed starting next year with a full constitution and by-laws for the following committee to ratify.

  • Ron is working with Rita from Bay St. George ADA to leverage as much documentation as they have so we can have a more comprehensive set of documents supporting our charter, by-laws, policies and procedures.

7. Starlite Trail Update

  • We have confirmation that the current landowners will sign the Landowner's Agreement for the only outstanding property the Starlite trail crosses in the next few days.

  • This will allow us to engage the vendor very soon.

  • Ash will reach out to the vendor and inform them.

  • Ron will talk to Scott Reid for support.

  • The trails sub-committee will continue to manage the project.

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