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Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Government Answers for the Codroy Valley Community

We just received a letter from Andrew Parsons containing our government's responses to the questions we had regarding Project Nujio’gonik. For your convenience, we have compiled a supplementary binder of documents and web pages referred to in their responses.

Due to the document's format, we cannot directly include its contents in this article. Therefore, we have just included the response letter here in this article and provided the two PDF download links for you to access the answers and our supplemental binder.

This letter and these answers continue our conversation and exchange with our provincial government as we strive to understand more about the government's position, approach, intentions and procedures in regard to Project Nujio’gonik

We thank Scott Reid - St. George's-Humber MHA for facilitating our exchange with the Honorable Andrew Parsons and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology, and the Honourable Bernard Davis and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.


August 01, 2023



Ron Laudadio

Board Chair, Codroy Valley Development Association

PO Box 40



Dear Mr. Laudadio:


RE: Proiect Nujio'qonik


I write in response to your letter to Mr. Scott Reid, MHA for the District of St. George's - Humber regarding concerns voiced by residents of the Codroy Valley regarding Project Nujio'qonik and Government's work to establish a green hydrogen industry. As Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology, I am pleased to respond to items in your correspondence to Mr. Reid that fall within my department's mandate and some other areas based on my department's discussions with the Department of Environment and Climate Change.


It is important to note that no land has been awarded in the province for wind projects, and the current Call for Bids for wind energy projects does not award any land. Successful bidder(s) will be provided the opportunity to apply for Crown land, and will still undergo the existing Crown land referral process, which includes a referral to Environmental Assessment for projects over one megawatt.


Please see the attached responses to the questions the Codroy Valley Area Development Association collected on behalf of residents. In order to remain informed of future announcements and developments, I recommend visiting the Crown Land Call for Bids for Wind Energy Project page.




Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology


c.  Mr. Scott Reid, MHA




Response to Ron Laudadio - Community Questions about Project Nujio’gonik
Download PDF • 663KB

Supplemental Documents Binder - Community Questions about Project Nujio’gonik
Download PDF • 18.85MB



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