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CVADA Board Meeting Minutes July 28th

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

CVADA Board Meeting Minutes July 28th, 6pm

A quick meeting to approve an expense.


Carol Aucoin

Lucy Poirier

Ron Laudadio

Melissa Samms

Nancy Power

Tracy Keeping

Minutes by Ron Laudadio

Attendance via Zoom Conference Call

The expense for Application for Access to Crown Land

Based on the recommendations of the funding agencies, we are applying for extended uses of the area around Campbell Lake for future expansion possibilities, such as Yurts for public use and revenue for CVADA.

The recommendation was to apply now to secure the use of the areas before another entity does and because securing such agreements with the Crown has been taking a long time lately.

The expense would be for the application ($150) and publishing the request in the NL Gazette as required ($50).

Motion by Tracy: Approve the expense of $200 to use for the application for access to Crown Lands to prepare for the future expansion of the Starlite Trail Expansion. Seconded by Lucy.

Unanimous approval (Carolyn, Lucy, Melissa, Ron, Tracy, Nancy)

General discussion and updates on the staffing of the Wetlands Centre.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20pm

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