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Wind Turbine Projects in South Western Newfoundland

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Green Energy has become a topic of interest globally. Newfoundland's role in Green Energy production is evolving with an initiative that has shown interest in development in our area and another initiative that has shown interest in the Port aux Basques area.

We suggest you become informed about these two initiatives and encourage you to participate in the conversation on our Facebook Discussions Page.

There will be an impact on the area, the community and our well-being. As the CVADA, what we desire is to advocate for the community's needs and interests to ensure there are more positive impacts than negative ones.

With these two initiatives, there will be impacts including (but not limited to):

  • A large amount of construction in our area, including large trucks, new support roads, higher traffic, possible delays, and impact on our land and the animals.

  • An increase in temporary residency as these initiatives bring in their work camps that may house over one hundred workers at a time. This may benefit many support businesses such as restaurants or other service businesses for such a community.

  • There may be an impact on tourism as these initiatives may try to hire long blocks of time at local temporary housing businesses that were otherwise enjoyed by tourists, preventing tourists from entering the area.

  • The Port aux Basques initiative wishes to use the local aquifer with large wells to feed the electrolysis process, which may affect an already stressed water source.

  • The possibility of new local businesses as these initiatives provide interest-free loans for those who wish to start a business that supports their operations.

  • New jobs and free trade education opportunities for those interested in gaining new skills to work on the initiative's operations.

  • The possibility that these initiatives can help us build more support infrastructure for the community, such as more funding for our volunteer fire department, rescue, community facilities, and health care.

Our interest in the CVADA Board is to represent the community in various communication channels:

  • Direct consultation with our federal and provincial government representatives

  • Direct consultation with our local indigenous community leaders who have already been included in relevant discussions

  • Participation in community feedback events held by the organizations leading the initiatives.

We will continue to attend relevant meetings on the community's behalf and are interested in the collective voice of the Codroy Valley community. We will continue to participate and engage with you on our Facebook Discussion Page and may host a meeting if it is merited.

We understand that these organizations are legally obligated to consult First Nations and at Peggy White (Chief Executive Officer / Band Manager ) request and outreach, we have begun the conversation of mutual support between the Three Rivers Mi'kmaq Band and the CVADA. Her intent is to benefit the community as a whole. We will continue to work with her and the band.

Here are links to relevant information that will help you get informed:

For the project that is interested in developing in our area:

Project NUJIO’QONIK GH2 Environmental Assessment Registration (pdf) - Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Project NUJIO-QONIK GH2 - Appendix 1 (pdf) - Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Project NUJIO-QONIK GH2 - Appendix 2 (pdf) - Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

For the project that is interested in developing in the Port aux Basques area:

No environmental submission available to date. (Aug 22nd)

Meanwhile, you can continue to monitor the website of the leading organization: Fortescue Future Industries (FFI)

Here is an 8 Minute Video from The Economist Magazine that helps summarize the industry and potential of Green Hydrogen.

Commenting has been disabled on this site. Instead, please become informed about these two initiatives and participate in the conversation on our Facebook Discussions Page.

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