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Youth Activities & Events Sub-Committee - a call for volunteer members.

During our last Community Collaboration Session, the community asked the CVADA board to lead an initiative to develop tourism in the Codroy Valley. We have formed the Youth Activities & Events Sub-Committee to lead such an initiative.

Ron Laudadio (CVADA Board Member - Millville) will chair the Sub-Committee, and Chris Bruce (CVADA President - Searston) will also sit on the Sub-Committee.

Three Subject Matter Experts have offered their advice and guidance to support the sub-committee goals.

We welcome and thank Wanda White (Recreation Director, Town of Pasadena, Newfoundland), Corey Munden (CEO at Atlantic Edge Credit Union), and Scott Reid (Member of the House of Assembly at Government of Newfoundland and Labrador) for offering the sub-committee their support.

Top (L to R): Corey Munden, Scott Reid, Wanda Wight. Bottom (L to R): Chris Bruce, Ron Laudadio.

Join us so we can make a big difference!

We are looking for six passionate and keen volunteers eager to support our community with their unique skills and contributions. Our sub-committee members will participate in a meeting each month and contribute approximately three hours of their time each week. We are outcome focused and are looking for volunteers willing to pitch in to get things done.

We will use new and exciting ways of working together to be efficient and effective, inspire innovation, and accomplish our goals in the least amount of time and effort. So, be prepared to learn new ways of collaborating and finding solutions.

Our first working meeting will be to define our Goals and Objectives with the measures we will use to evaluate ourselves as we strive to improve the way we work and live together here in the Codroy Valley.

We aspire to improve our kids' experience of the Codroy Valley.

People in past generations here in the Codroy Valley hosted many events, such as game nights and dancing. The community was accustomed to creating events that were interesting to everyone. But now, we only have a few events to go to in the Valley, and the ones that happen are far less engaging for youth than they used to be. Those that attended the Community Collaboration Session suggested we create a sub-committee, learn what kind of events the youth would be interested in, and create those activities and events for them to enjoy.

If you wish to express interest in joining our Youth Activities & Events Sub-Committee, please reach out to Ron Laudadio at, or call Ron at (709) 695-0881.

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